Using Embeds With PSDsHook

Check out the examples folder for actual scripted examples!

To use embeds with this module, you'll first need to have a using statement to access the classes within it.

Example of using statement:

using module PSDsHook

If the module is not installed into a folder within one of these directories:

($env:PSModulePath -split "$([IO.Path]::PathSeparator)")

You'll need to use the following statement and point it to your local copy of the module's built .psm1 file.

using module 'C:\users\thegn\repos\PsDsHook\out\PSDsHook\0.0.1\PSDsHook.psm1'

(optional) specify a thumbnail url to use in the hook

$thumbUrl = ''

Create embed builder object via the [DiscordEmbed] class. You can customize the title and description.

$embedBuilder = [DiscordEmbed]::New(

Add our thumbnail to the embed:


Add a color:


Finally, call the function that will send the embed array to the webhook url:

Invoke-PSDsHook $embedBuilder -Verbose