Creating Your Configuration File

Create your Discord webhook

  1. Follow the getting started instructions here.
  2. Keep that webhook URL handy.

Create configuration file via Invoke-PSDsHook

If you have the module installed via the PowerShell gallery, great! It should auto-magically import and the command will be available.

If not, make sure you import the compiled module via:

Import-Module 'path\to\module.psd1' 

To create the configuration file, run:

Invoke-PsDsHook -CreateConfig '' -Verbose

Creating more configuration files

You can create configuration files with different names. This can be handy when you want to send a hook to a different channel with the module.

To create another configuration file, run:

Invoke-PsDsHook -CreateConfig '' -ConfigName 'config2' -Verbose

List configurations

To list config files available, run:

Invoke-PSDsHook -ListConfigs